15/03/2020 - Mandarine Festival in Dierona Village

Aromatic, juicy and vibrant, the mandarine is a deliciously sweet fruit that is never missing from the Cypriot table. The village of Dierona decided that it is high time it we celebrated this nutritious fruit!

Visit the picturesque, semi-mountainous village of Dierona and celebrate the yearly bountiful harvest of mandarins. Contrasting the area’s beautiful green scenery, the vibrant orange colour of the fruit takes the center stage in celebrations that include a variety of traditional dance and song. Additionally a traditional market will be set up for visitors to purchase wonderful products made from mandarins such as sweet jams and fresh juices.
End your visit to this beautiful area by taking part in a unique exhibition of the traditional distilling process of mandarin liqueur and take home a piece of Cypriot tradition, in a bottle!

For more information on the village’s location and how to get there: