25/03/20 - Herbs and Donkeys Festival at Skarinou Village

Calling all animal lovers! Get the chance to get acquainted with Cyprus’ most iconic equestrian, in this festival celebrating the beloved donkey and the natural beauty of the island!

A once in a lifetime chance to get close to these adorable animals in their natural habitat! Animal lovers will have the opportunity to learn about the lives of the donkeys at the farm, pet and braid their hair as they dive into the historical relationship between Cypriots and this sturdy animal.
Plant lovers rejoice as the festival also focuses on the health benefits of Cyprus’ wild herbs and enjoy free tastings of delicious botanical herb teas and a buffet of homemade dishes. The culinary highlight however, is the tastings of fresh donkey’s milk that you can’t find anywhere else!!

For more information on the village’s location and how to get there see below: