23/02/2020 - Blooming Almond Trees Festival in Limnatis Village

Appreciate the natural beauty of the groves of blossoming almond trees, painting the luscious green landscape in light pink tones at The Blooming Almond Trees Festival.

Visit the village of Limnatis and learn about the traditions surrounding its famous almond trees. Participate in the preparation of almond desserts like soutzioukos and Soumada (orgeat syrup) for those with a sweet tooth or for those who prefer something with a little kick, taste traditional spirits such as Cypriot Zivania, pomace brandy. Enjoy the free halloumi cheese and traditional breads handed out to all attendees while listening to traditional music and basking in the magnificence of the almond trees in full bloom.
For more information on the village’s history, visit the Limnatis municipality website:

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